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Pink Reims biscuits

The sweetness and light of your new naughty little treat!
The powdery and crunchy pink biscuit of Reims is the perfect accompaniment to Champagne, revealing its most subtle aromas.

Origin of the biscuit:
The biscuit was born around 1690 in Reims.
A baker wanted to make the most of the heat in the bread oven between two batches. He had the idea of creating a special dough and of cooking it twice (hence the name of bis-cuit – cooked twice in French).

Biscuits Fossier

Founded in 1756, this biscuit manufacturer is the last company still in existence producing the famous pink biscuits. This means that a tour of the factory is a must, in order to discover the full range of biscuits.

Biscuits Fossier
25 Cours Langlet à Reims
Tel 03 26 47 59 84

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Initially, the biscuit was white. To flavour it, a vanilla pod was introduced into the recipe, but this left brown traces on the biscuit. To hide them, the baker added a natural colorant based on cochineal to disguise his mistake pink! And this is how the succulent Biscuit Rose de Reims was born.

This modest oblong biscuit with just a light sprinkling of caster sugar is not enough by itself: it must be dipped into a liquid for its qualities to burst forth.
It accompanies champagne, but is also a companion for ratafia and port and even coffee and milk...

This biscuit was much loved by some of the more famous gourmets in history, such as King Charles X, Leopold II of Belgium, the Russian Tsar and the Marquise de Polignac.

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