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Nature, discovery of a protected wildlife and migratory birds, be green.

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The Faux de Verzy treesFaux de Verzy (Marne)

Because these "faux" (from the Latin fagus) remain something of a botanical enigma, the Verzy Forest is shrouded in magical mystery...

In this place of worship, where St. Basle, the evangeliser of Lorraine, lived as a hermit, number of strange trees grow. An amazing variety of beech, called "tortuosa" because of the deformities of the trunk and branches. These trees display excessively slow growth but exceptional longevity, the only aspect of their mystery for which a genetic source has been discovered. As for the rest, they still refuse to share their secrets with the scientists who study them.

Virtually unique in Europe, there are about 800 specimens at Verzy. They are protected by log barriers, but the footpaths and explanatory panels are designed to ensure visitors can admire them at their leisure.

Discover the Verzy faux in the course of a hike

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