4 FFC or FFCT approved mountain biking areas of Champagne-Ardenne

Swap the streets for cycling on the paths and tracks of one of the four FFC or FFCT approved areas.  From the wooded mountains of the Ardenne to the sumptuous valleys of the Pays d’Othe and Armance, passing by the rivers of the Lac du Der, there are more than 1000km of marked paths spread over 60 circuits for the mountain-biker to discover.

And if you’re thinking about organising your mountain biking trip, think about lodgings which are members of the Champagne à Vélo & les Ardennes® network which are equipped with a secure space and a cleaning area for your bicycles. See the list of affiliated accommodation.

Discover the different mountain biking areas below:

VTT-FFC of the Lac du Der in Champagne

The mountain biking trail in the Pays du Lac du Der invites you on an unusual journey on the edge of the sea which lies inside 77km of coastline, situated in a verdant setting.

Take the time to discover the charm of the half-timbered churches and observe nature all around you. This will give you the opportunity to see deer, falcons, kestrels, wild cats and even thousands of grey cranes.

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Bannet VTT-FFC space

The Sedan area has 16 marked circuits starting from the bottom of Bannet. Thanks to the variety of areas, these trips are as well-adapted to family rides as they are for solitary ventures. Your trek will lead you to the steep Vallée de la Semois, which is dominated by the Bouillon castle in Belgium.

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Valleys of Meuse and Semoy VTT-FFC space

Right in the heart of the regional natural park of the Ardennes, the Meuse and Semoy valleys invite you to discover their verdant beauty and a unique panoramic view.

The different circuits allow you to discover the richness and the landscapes of the area through the valleys, picturesque villages and forests…
Families and sports enthusiasts will be happy here!

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VTT itineraries list – 2015 edition

Pays d’Othe and Armance VTT-FFCT space

Between Bourgogne and Champagne, 10 circuits cross the valleys and forests of the Pays d’Othe and Armance. As they are areas of fine produce, you can build up your strength by feasting on many gourmet local products: Chaource cheese, ciders and apple juice from the Pays d’Othe amongst others, which will set you up perfectly!

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There are other marked circuits which are in not in designated mountain biking areas, but are still both fun and pretty

There are three mountain biking circuits, which alternate between vineyards and forests, and were created in the heart of the regional natural park of the Reims Mountain. The Langres plateau and the Haute-Marne in general are bursting with routes that are tucked away in beautiful natural settings and are accessible by mountain bike.

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Vallées de Meuse et Semoy :

65 quai Edgar Quinet
08500 Revin
Tél.: 03 24 22 14 80

Aventure Evasion
Route Nationale 51
08170 Haybes
Tél.: 03 24 40 44 45

Champagne (Montagne de Reims  & vallée de la Marne) :

Bike Energy (Reims)

Pétillantes Découvertes
6 rue Henri Martin
51530 Monthelon
Tél.: 03 26 53 87 29

L'Echappée Bulles
Rue du Phare
51360 Verzenay