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Operation Theatre

In the communes of Reims Mountain, the sounds of military offensives, troop movements, evacuations and soldiers stationing resound strangely like an echo from another time…

And yet we are not in 1914, but 2014. One hundred years later, the “Illustre Théâtre” brings back to life a part of France’s history that marked the Marne department forever. The Illustre Théâtre is an imaginary theatre troupe invented by the Diable à 4 Pattes theatre company, who have been invited by the Regional Natural Park to perform on its lands over a period of five years, with a project entitled “Par les communes” (“By the communes”). The project takes the troupe across the 68 communes within the Regional Natural Park of Reims Mountain, for performances that combine history with interaction. This original cultural project, which has the war of 1914-18 as its backdrop, aims to reawaken the memory of “the war to end all wars” by arousing inhabitants’ accounts, and even inviting them to participate in different shows.