Lake Amance 

Amance, it’s “imm-ense”. In the triplet of Aube lakes, the Amance (480 hectares) is dedicated to motorboat sports, although you can still fish and bathe here. Many different activities can be practised here: motorboating, water-skiing, and seated and standing jet ski. Competitions are regularly held. The port of Amance Lake (Port Dienville) has a capacity of 240 berths. It has 4 pontoons equipped with electric socket points, a ramp for launching, and a 200-place victualling facility, reserved for amateur sailors.

Two islands in the middle of the lake, l’île aux Carpes and l’île aux Oiseaux (“Carp Island” and “Bird Island”), are equipped with a pontoon so you can stop there for a picnic in the heart of nature.