Walking/pedestrian at Cussangy

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  • DOWNLOAD THE CIRCUIT IN DESCRIPTION - SEE THE MAP From the car park opposite the Town Hall Cussangy, take right the Rue des Cannes (D 27), past the village hall. quickly we reach a bifurcation. Take right the small road. Lead to a perpendicular road, road Turgy (D 125) and follow it to the right. Bypassing the left large triangular pond and continue by road to exit Cussangy. Reaching the D 444. Just before the road, engage left into a road bordered on the left by trees. At the beginning of a turn to the right, reach a junction of paths (ford on the left). Stay right in the path of Bruyeres, sometimes on the edge, sometimes in undergrowth. Reaching a starting path on the left. Go left and join the road Chaource (north) to Cussangy (south); borrow right and after a hairpin bend, continue in the extension through the knotted (or Nouet - ditch where the water overflows, low and damp place). Leave a hunting cabin on the right along a beautiful little pond. Take the right street Quenotte ( "quenetter" means browse, search with a hidden intention) and go past the remains of a wash called "Petit Gué." A few meters further, reaching a fork. Take the right path High Pastures (where you can admire the boundary between farmland and forest) to Route des Granges (D 27); follow left. Make a detour to the right to visit a wash. With a little luck, we can surprise the heron fishing in the pond. At the intersection of Route Granges and that of Turgy, you should stop at Mrs. Colt mushroom to mushroom variety of provisions and local products. At the exit, turn left on the road Turgy about 350 m. Commit right into the dead end of Serpent. Arriving in a transformer, turn right on the D 27 and join the starting point. > An additional walk can lead to washing of Roma (see dashed outline): Bazin view of the valley and visit the laundry.
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