Walking/pedestrian at Chaource

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  • DOWNLOAD THE CIRCUIT IN DESCRIPTION - SEE PLAN Starting from the Tourist Information Office of Chaource, head of Ervy-le-Châtel on the D 443, Amadys-Jamin street. Further, let the right D 34 and continue on the D 443 to a junction marked by the martyrdom of St. Anne. Take the left path of St. Anne. At the first intersection, turn right towards the Potteries. Lead to a small road, in the hamlet. Go left and continue in the extension on the stone path leading edge of the forest Cussangy. Opposite engage in a forest trail. At the exit of the forest, turn right into the path of knotted; it leads to Cussangy. At the crossroads, continue across the D 27. Reaching the church, then the D 444. Turn right towards Tonnerre (caution! Stay on the low side of the road) for about 220 m to a branch. Take the left path, which further engages the Lucie val. Lead to a perpendicular path paved. Go left until Lagesse. Uncorking a street that left one borrows a few meters, then turn right into the Guet-Joly Street. Commit to left in the Rabot street leading to the D 203; follow to the left, past the cemetery and reach a roadway departure. Go right and after 1 km, reaching a junction. Commit to left on a path that winds through fields before reaching the D 34; borrow right on 50 meters and then take a path on the left leading to Chaource. By the street of Cannes, reach the D 444 and follow it left to return to the start.
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