The main towns in Champagne, like Reims, Epernay and Châlons-en-Champagne, have the privilege of distributing the famous Champagne wines, produced in the surrounding wineries. Champagne wine cellars based within towns have become a part of local heritage.

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Be sure to wear warm clothing for the cellar tours because the temperature rarely exceeds10°C.

Reims's Wine Cellars

Reims is best known for its historical and architectural heritage, but the town is just as much a home to some prestigious Champagne wine cellars. 250km of underground tunnels and wine cellars run beneath Reims, dedicated exclusively to storing Champagne.

When you take a break in Reims, you cannot pass up a visit to such world-renowned houses as Pommery, Mumm and Taittinger.

Reims Tourist Office
2 rue Guillaume de Machault 
51100 REIMS
Tel 03 26 77 45 00

Châlons-en-Champagne's Wine Cellars

This small town, situated along the Marne, saw its first Champagne House appear in 1825, founded by Joseph Perrier under the name "Joseph Perrier Fils et Cie". In the 19th Century, the town was home to ten big names in Champagne, and it covered several hectares of vineyard.
The Joseph Perrier wine cellar gives visitors a unique opportunity to discover the flavours of the Châlons estate wines: learn about the history of the brand, and sample tastings from the different terroirs of the region!

Joseph Perrier Cellar
69 avenue de Paris
51000 Châlons en Champagne
Tel: 03 26 68 29 51
Fax: 03 26 70 57 16

Office de Tourisme de Châlons en Champagne (Tourist Office)
3 quai des Art
Tel 03 26 65 17 89  

Epernay's wine cellars

Located in the centre of the vast Champagne wine-region, the town of Epernay is considered to be Champagne's Capital. Large Classical and Renaissance-style private mansions can be found along the Avenue de Champagne, and which today house prestigious Champagne Houses. That is not the only treasure that Epernay has to offer, however: beneath these very same houses can be found 100km of underground passages, reserved solely for storing Champagne!