Criss-crossed with tourist trails, the Champagne vineyards form an area that is easy to explore. With 5 different circuits, around 80 visitor centres, and more than 600kms of walks to be had across magnificent, pastoral scenery, the routes of Champagne allow visitors to explore the historical heritage of the region. Whether you're with your family, friends, or Champagne-enthusiasts, you can also go and meet small-scale, local producers, who will teach you more about Champagne.

The different routes of Champagne:

The Massif Saint Thierry Route

The most northern of the routes, this one leaves from Reims, and will take you along picturesque trails, to vines nestled amongst verdant scenery.

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The Reims Mountain Route

In the South of Reims, this route will have you rub shoulders with the slopes of the Reims Mountain, and take you through the heart of the Natural Regional Park.

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The Marne Valley Route

Leaving from Épernay, this route gives you fantastic panoramic views over Champagne's vineyards, all along the natural banks of the Marne.

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The Côte des Blancs Route

In the South of Épernay, this route is brimming with bucolic charm. It will lead you through small and typical villages, and the vines that gave birth to Chardonnay.

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The Côte des Bar Route

The most southern of the routes, this one runs alongside pleasant scenery, taking you through villages that are renowned for their history as much as their contribution to Champagne.

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The Coteaux Vitryats