Ancestral know-how

Laurent Jubert
CEO of GroupeArdwen

• How did the Ardwen adventure come about ?

“In 2003, a team of enthusiasts had the slightly crazy idea of reviving the ancestral brewing know-how of the Ardennes. After a lot of work, our Ardwen beer saw the light of day in 2006, and was soon rewarded with numerous medals in the Concours Agricole de Paris agricultural show. It was a wonderful idea, but an incredible challenge that we are proud to have taken up. Competition is fierce in this market, so it was a real gamble but we quickly saw local success and a growth in volume.”

• How would you describe Ardwen beers ?

Ardwen beers are beers with personality! Just like our land. Our beers are made from a blend of malts and hops that undergo strict selection, and crystal-clear water drawn from a local spring of great purity. It’s the very DNA of the Ardennes that flows through our traditional beers. These are craft beers that are about taste discovery: full of flavour, refinement and style. They’re tasty, and the perfect starting point for amateurs, before
moving on to more particular beers like our Woinic range.”

• What does the future hold for Ardwen ?

“We have just launched a new beer, “Hops’cure,” to celebrate our 1,000th brew. It’s as dark and obscure as the Ardennes forest in which Arduinna prepared her secret elixirs that gave strength and courage to those that drank them. We also have a new challenge, and that is to promote the Ardennes’ brewing tradition beyond our region, and even to the other side of the world. And of course, we still welcome the curious on a visit of the brewery before a tasting session and lunch break in La Taverne restaurant !”

Brasserie Ardwen
08430 Launois sur Vence
Tel. : (0)3 24 35 46 50