at Chantraines

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  • The cyclo-rail consists in 14 kilometres of railway to pedal along between Andelot and Bologne. This method of locomotion is unique in the region, and guarantees relaxation and good humour to share with family or friends. Beginning your trip at the station in Chantraines, a village neighbouring Andelot on a twist of the Rognon river, set off in discovery of a verdant region with a rich past. History enthusiasts will be fascinated by the Fort Bevaux neolithic site in Blancheville (at the beginning of the route). The line passes over the Andelot viaduct across the Rognon, offering a magnificent panorama over a landscape that includes the church of Saint-Louvent (13th century). An arboretum has been planted along the Chantraines-Andelot route, and a conservation orchard on the theme of fruits with pips is located at the station in Chantraines.