Park and garden at Cohons

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  • A beautiful 44 acre park and gardens with a vegetable garden dominated by two great Cedars of Lebanon, the terraces are now being restored with vines, vegetable plots and fruit trees. The park is notable for its follies, among them three decorative dry stone spirals in the form of snail shells.

    The Jardins suspendus de Cohons are composed by a set of two picturesques parks for 18 hectares, created before the French Revolution and extended in 1808. The Clos de la Roche includes a terraced garden, dominated by two cedars of Lebanon planted in 1828 and an English-type garden with originals «factories». The terraces, a fruit orchard, are supported by spectacular dry stone walls. The «factories» of the landscaped garden lead the visitor into the depth of a cliff or the darkness of a false cave or to the top of one of the stone snails. The Parc des escargots, an English garden with several «factories», presents two monumental dry stone snails, belvederes on surrounding landscapes.

    During a free or guided tour or on the occasion of a show or an entertainment, plunge into the world of romantic gardens.

    Snails are original constructions of southern Haute-Marne, in dry stone.
    Of the dozen of stone snails built in the 19th century, three are in Cohons, making it a unique site. The main one, known as the “Great Snail”, is 16 meters broad and 5 meters high. From its top, you can look across to the “Mastaba”,a square stone structure, inspired by ancient Egypt.
    The third stone snail, smaller and oval, dominates the terraced garden.
    Each of these three belvederes is exceptional.
  • From April 15, 2020 until October 15, 2020
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