Museum at Lafauche

champagne 52 prez sous lafauche musee aux branches 1.
champagne 52 prez sous lafauche musee aux branches 2.
  • Formerly called "Wood Zoo"Creations of Emile Chaudron (1927-2003) Museum of characters made of branches in the natural state, without collage or formatting.
    "In 1960, the discovery of a Mirabelle plum branch of his dog-headed garden awakened his passion and imagination.He exhibited his first works in 1961, and as early as 1962 at the salon des artistes indépendants.Puis followed one another exhibitions, prizes, praise from print, radio and television (several national and regional programs) and recognition by the fine arts. "

    He set up his WOOD ZOO, MUSEUM at the BRANCHES at ORQUEVAUX from 1963 to 1976, and at Prez-sous-Lafauche from 1977 until his departure in November 2003.
    And today it is the association "Heritage and Spirit of Art" exposes to Lafauche.