at Bourbonne-les-Bains

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  • The tourist resort also has many parks: the Bannie Wildlife Park, the arboretum, the “Parc des Sources” and the “Parc du Château”.
    The Bannie Wildlife Park is 2.5 kilometres from the town, on the Coiffy-le-Haut road. There is a 30-hectare walking area, two picnic areas and children's play area for visitors to enjoy, as well as 100 hectares of enclosures where boars, stags, deer and many different varieties of birds can be spotted.
    In the “Parc du Château”, you can still see the gatehouse and the service quarters of the former 16th century fortified castle. The present château, that houses the “Hôtel de Ville”, dates back to the 18th century and was a gift from Chevandier de Valdrome, in appreciation of the beneficial effects of the thermal waters.
    The museum is in the service quarters of the former fortified castle, and houses Gallo-Roman remains devoted to the spa, local artists, 250 species of naturalised birds and travelling exhibitions.


    At the Borvo Centre, the Tourist Office, visitors are welcomed and informed, and exhibitions are hosted (temporary shows and exhibitions of paintings, sculptures or handicrafts). You can also discover regional arts and crafts and local producers at the "Saveur et Savoir Faire" day, which takes place every three weeks.

    At the Clocheton, the activity centre: a place to meet and talk, where activities are organised on a daily basis for visitors (board games, reportages, song recitals and talks), as well as sports leisure activities: hikes, MTB, fishing, tennis, mini-golf etc. A monthly events programme is available at the Tourist Office.