Langres Diderot fully Enlightened!

Diderot very relaxed, clearly at home. This colossal statue which pays homage to the most celebrated son of Langres was erected in 1884, a hundred years after his death, a stone’s throw from the house where he was born (No.9).

I n pride of place in his very own square, place Diderot, it represents the philosopher and writer in a somewhat relaxed attitude, waistcoat open at the neck, book in hand, looking thoughtful. The real Denis Diderot, ready for a walk around the town walls or an idle stroll under the trees on the Promenade de Blanchefontaine. A delightful pastoral setting, which he enjoyed enormously.

He actually described it in a letter to his sweetheart in which he enthusiastically wrote:

“It’s a long avenue of leafy trees which leads to a clump of trees growing without symmetry in no particular order (...). My eyes roam over the most beautiful countryside in the world.”

No word of a lie, the great Bartholdi, who designed the Statue of Liberty in New York, is responsible for this superb bronze statue of Diderot, a humanist keen to share knowledge and breathe new ideas into the Age of Enlightenment.

Perched on a stone plinth engraved with the names of those who composed the huge Encyclopaedia alongside him, this cutler’s son seems to cast a scornful eye over the city while radiating his aura over Langres.


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