Hunting at Chaumont

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  • With its 250,000 hectares of forest, covering almost half its area, Haute-Marne is often considered one of the richest parts of France in game.
    With its abundance of greenery, Haute-Marne is the land of boar, roe deer and red deer, and is thus much appreciated by hunters and gourmets alike.
    In the Arc-en-Barrois forest estate, hunters will find the most extensive large game estate in France.
    6000 hunters hold permits in Haute-Marne. 2000 hunters from beyond the area come here regularly to hunt.

    Ethics of the hunting:
    -Hunters must master nature while respecting the wellbeing and liberty of other users of the countryside.

    - Hunting may appear cruel, but it has an essential function: regulating wild animal populations.

    This is not just a leisure activity; it is much more than a sport or a hobby.

    Hunters must submit to the requirements of protecting nature and behaving responsibly.

    Hunting closed on Wednesday.