Festival at Bourbonne-les-Bains

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    The city in celebration: strolls, fire shows, festive concerts, water games, inflatable structures, ...

    Friday 29:
    18h-22h: Inflatable structures for children - Weiskirchen Alley
    7:00 pm: "The little people of the water" by L'Arche en sel Company "By turns joker, wacky, helpful or friendly, this little people takes you into their world of dances and bubbles. Great street / Place des Bains
    19h30: Election Miss Water Festival - Place des Bains
    9 pm: Concert with the Borderline group - Place des Bains
    22h45: Fire show "Lughna" A visual performance with a rhythmic performance, where the audience is captivated by a series of fire and pyrotechnic dances. Esplanade animations

    Saturday 30:
    10h-21h: GREAT MARKET FLAVORS AND KNOW-HOW, local producers, crafts ... Great street / rue des Bains / Clocheton
    10h-22h: Games organized by the association "Tenn's Anim" and inflatable structures for children - Allée de Weiskirchen
    From 12:30: "The Route of the Holidays" - National 74 - Rally of vintage cars, before 69 - A costume carnival, the elegance of outfits with holiday accessories is as important as the vehicle - Around 150 cars - Motorhome parking Rue Amiral Pierre
    3 pm: Concert by the Concorde Orchestra of Bourbonne les Bains - 30 musicians - Place des Bains
    16:00: As part of the holiday route, COMPETITION of elegance of vintage cars - Rue Amiral Pierre
    5.30 pm: Walk through the Twirling Club "Les Hirondelles" of Bourbonne les Bains - Grande rue / Place des Bains
    8:30 pm: Official speeches
    20h50: Concert with the band "Stout" Celtic rock ultra festive, impregnated with a dynamic and a cheerful communicative mood. With its many unusual instruments characteristic of traditional Celtic music, and all the energy of a resolutely rock section rhythm, STOUT always brings a large audience, from all walks of life and happy to party. - Place des Bains 22h30: Impressive luminous procession advancing in the night, a milky way of jellyfish, a majestic seahorse, train the chariot of Océanis. Place des Bains / Main Street / Route Daprey Blache / Esplanade animations.
    23:00: Show "Abyss". A fascinating world that loses beyond our gaze. They are the largest habitat on the planet, home to marine life. Musicians, light acrobatic waders, fan dancers, Chinese mat, jugglers, aerial artist and giant puppets. Animation Esplanade
    23h50 / 02h00: Ball all generation, closing of the festival - Place des Bains

    MORE INFO on shows:
    Lughna compagnie arche en sel: https://youtu.be/plFWARRutuc
    Abysses compagnie remue ménage: https://youtu.be/sB0LnQnUz04
  • From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
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