Guided tour of the exhibition "Days of war and peace"

Cultural ,  Commemoration ,  Exhibition ,  Guided tour at Reims

  • A beautiful encounter between a German museum and a French museum to celebrate the centenary 14-18, as well as several events as part of this exhibition.

    From 1910 to 1930 the viewpoints of French and German artists reveal their cultural similarities and differences, by questioning their respective companies and their visions of the conflict. On both sides of the border , they offer testimony marked by this painful period in our history : the reality of life in the trenches, instead of civilians , ruins , crazy , euphoric , bitter Years ...

    Nearly four hundred paintings, sculptures and graphic works from the Von der Heydt -Museum Wuppertal , the Fine Arts Museum of Reims and private and public collections in dialogue . The originality of this book is to exceed the time duels and showcase Franco-German duo that express the fears and fascinations reciprocal caused by the Great War. The works of Dix, Bourdelle , Beckmann of Desvallières , Denis , Kokoschka , Forain , Leger and those of other artists renew our vision of the history of European art in these days of war peace.
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