Modern art "Le Stéréoscope des solitaires"

Music ,  Festival ,  Show ,  Historic ,  Literature at Reims

  • Meet the stereoscope of solitary artistic team around a mulled wine after the performance on Thursday, February 19 (lobby Manege de Reims).

    Poet of the absurd, Wilcock described in his work seventy unique characters. The turning of pages, we meet a starving centaur painted still lifes; a reader chicken publishing house that eats the manuscripts she does not like; a pair of lovers decided not to get out of bed and imperceptibly pass caresses cannibalism ...

    To restore this unusual universe, Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski museum also provides a labyrinthine journey that music on the track of Circus Reims. The public is invited to wander and discover the traces left behind by those lonely, surrounded by the composition of Ana Maria Rodriguez performed live by the Ensemble KNM Berlin ... A stereoscope with curio cabinet attires while convolutions charged with reminiscences but also haunted by other presences, they are real.
  • Environment
    • In the town centre
    • Near the train station
  • Rates
  • Base rate
    15 €
  • Other
    10 €
  • Reduce rate
    7 €
  • Reduce rate
    5 €
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