Opéra-Création "La Fonction de l'orgasme"

Cultural ,  Opera ,  Show ,  Historic at Reims

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  • Mad scientist and pioneer of body therapies, sectarian paranoid and liberator of the body, a victim of McCarthyism and expelled from the Communist Party, excellent student of Freud and dissident of psychoanalysis, Wilhelm Reich is still a controversial figure today. The psychoanalyst born in 1897 in Austria-Hungary will end his life in the United States after a fantastic career and will remain one of the great agitators of ideas of the twentieth century.

    Reich wants to give the body its place when society is an obstacle to the free satisfaction of sexual desire: that man is the only species that does not follow the natural law of sexuality is the immediate cause of a series of devastating disorders.
  • Accès
    • Public transport  :  Trams - Arrêt COMEDIE at 0 m
  • Environment
    • Near a motorway  :  Proche Voie Jean TAITTINGER (Traversée Urbaine de Reims)
    • In town  :  Proche Parc Léo Lagrange
  • Rates
  • Adult
    22 €
  • Reduce rate
    15 €
  • Other
    10 €
  • Other
    8 €
  • Unemployed person
    5 €
  • Group
    15 €
  • Children's group
    8 €
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