Opéra: Yumé, Au carrefour des songes

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  • Do not say Noh too fast. Let our minds float somewhere between France and Japan, between the ninth and twenty-first century, the con purposes of theater, dance, puppetry, music, song and visual arts. And if in Yumé, Noh theater is never too far, it is that the Franco-Japanese artistic team has drawn inspiration from the work of Kan'ami - actor, playwright and creator of the fourteenth century Noh - which gave its credentials to a mythical story of love, in Japan shrouded in mystery. Immersion in poetry of Yumé like a haiku, finely chiseled and powerfully evocative ... Yume, which mean 'the dream', waving amorous passions doomed, those Matsukaze and Murasame, poor girls fisherman madly in love with Yukihira, an exiled prince on their island before he abandonned them; despairing of their abandonment, they let themselves be carried away by the fl ots but their souls take refuge in the silhouette of a pine overlooking the strike. When Matsukaze thinks he sees pine merge with the beloved, she launched into a frenzied dance ...
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