at Langres

langres 52 exposition remp arts 2018 artiste tony.
  • The Association REMP-ARTS will organize its annual exhibition on the theme "RE-NAISSANCE" with TONY as guest of honor, member of the Artistic Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters, specializing in still lifes.

    Tribute to: Yves BILLOTTE, Serge EMERY, Noël THOMAS, deceased in 2017.

    The association REMP-ARTS is dedicated to the promotion of art in the Pays de Langres, by allowing about twenty artists of value to exhibit their works:
    painters, sculptors, photographers, fashion designer, milliner hats and engravers ...

    - Francette BATS Gabrielle LEDOUX
    - Jacqueline BAUMANN Patrick LEDOUX
    - Daniel CHANSON Marylène MIELLE
    - Josiane CLEMENT-PILER Frédéric MOUSSU
    - Fabienne DEVELAY Elisabeth PAPON
    - Michel FLEURIGEON Yohann POINSOT
    - James GONCALVES Pascale POMMERET
    - Corinne GROS Monique RIBAUT
    - Caroline HUGNET Jean-Paul ROMAND

    and by supporting young talents.
  • From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
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