Park and garden at Joinville

  • The site was purchased by the Regional Council in 1978 who then undertook the renovation and restoration of the original 16th century Renaissance gardens, creating a unity by integrating the château and gardens in the same structured composition.

    Parterres were replanted with interlinked boxwood sections, a labyrinth was set out, a romantic bower, an orchard with 364 different fruit varieties and an apothecary and aromatic gardens. The picturesque garden dates from the latter half of the 19th century and occupies the remaining two thirds of the estate. Presented in an informal manner, the park is in fact carefully designed and offers rare species such as gingko, Giant Redwood, Tulip trees and water features.

    The park has a collection of wrought iron garden furniture inspired by 19th century pieces and contemporary works. Since 2008, the park alleys have been planted with an important collection of more than 100 species of box plants. A collection of 139 varieties
    of box trees decorate the paths of the park, certifi ed by the CCVS (Specialized Plant Collections Conservatory).
  • From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
  • From March 31, 2018 until November 11, 2018
    * Horaires 2018 : Du 31 mars au 31 mai : - Les week-ends, de 14h à 18h - Les vacances scolaires*, de 14h à 18h (sauf le mardi) - Les jours fériés de 14h à 18h (Lundi 2 avril ; Jeudi 10 mai ; Lundi 21 mai) Du 1er juin au 30 juin - Tous les jours (sauf le mardi) de 11h à 18h Du 1er juillet au 2 septembre - Tous les jours (sauf le mardi) de 11h à 19h - Les dimanches de l’été du spectacle vivant de 11h à 20h Du 3 septembre au 11 novembre - Les week-ends de 14h à 18h - Les vacances scolaires** de 14h à 18h (sauf le mardi) *Vacances de Pâques : du 21 avril au 6 mai **Vacances de Toussaint : du 20 octobre au 4 novembre
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