Historic site and monument ,  Religious building at Étourvy

  • The parish church of St. George Etourvy is a composite building of Romanesque origin, rebuilt in the sixteenth century, as were most contemporary churches champagne when the economic recovery after the Hundred Years War. It was remodeled and restored in the XVII century. The building consists of a Romanesque nave covered in carpentry, a high transept prominent in the 1540s and a choir five Renaissance sections (source: Jannie Mayer article in the journal of safeguarding the French Art). This church has two characteristics: first part of the frame is as an overturned boat. Then it includes a liter (fresco) in poor condition inside and out (barely visible). According to a historian liter this could be controlled by the lord of the manor, indicating that there was also a temporal or spiritual power, something quite rare. Contact the Town Hall at +33 (0) 3 25 70 04 39
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