Historic site and monument at Lagesse

  • This church is very simple. A large rectangular room with two beautiful wall stone statutes of the sixteenth century; Virgin and Child with a Bishop who must be St Martin; a large wooden crucifix and a statue of St Eloi. The church was restored in 1843 by the care of the then mayor Mr Sebastian POINSOT. It has discovered an underground 2m wide and where a man could walk upright, but where is he? Building - Stoup, limestone, ribbed decor. - Closure of the choir, wrought iron frame, 1870 (?). - 2 "schools of bourgeois" in early 19th century; the southern aisle is adorned with carved scrolls. - Exposure and early 19th century, tabernacle cloth, gilt. - 2 bells, dated 1847. The smallest was subsequently consolidated. Sacristy - monstrance, silver foot cross made of copper, silver gilt rays, but no punches. - 2 lamps "Pigeon true." - Flat oval to beg, 19th century, dies in storage - Stick procession without his statuette to neo-classical column, gilded wood, early 19th century.
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