Eglise Saint Parre à Praslin

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  • The apse and the transept of the Saint-Parres church in Praslin were rebuilt in the 16th century. The nave was rebuilt in 1770 by the inhabitants who wanted to enlarge it and the choir was then restored in 1786. The south arm of the transept was the chapel of the lords of Choiseul-Praslin whose castle was in front of the church. The current bell-tower was built in 1882. Following a strict Latin cross plan, the church has only one single-aisle nave with two bays ending in a salient transept. The choir consists of a straight span and a three-sided apse. The bell tower framing the ridge of the nave above the western entrance. The works of the sixteenth century were accompanied by the installation of two windows devoted to the glorious life of Christ - including the Resurrection, the appearance of Christ in Mary Magdalene, the Ascension - and the representations of saints - Saint Anthony, a holy bishop - and donors remained unknown. The first was restored in 1920. The bombing seriously damaged the panels which are then deposited in the Troyes cathedral treasury. It was not until 1986 that they were restored by the Vinum workshop and rested at Praslin. The building is registered in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments by order of 4 June 1992 and the stained glass windows are classified as object on 15 November 1894. Possible visits for this address to the Town Hall on Friday morning at 03 25 40 02 65