Eglise Saint Pierre-ès-Liens à Ervy-le-Châtel

Religious building ,  Church ,  Religion at Ervy-le-Châtel

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  • Built in the 15th century, the church was partly destroyed in 1433 during the Hundred Years War and rebuilt in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens church is Gothic, pre-Renaissance and Renaissance. The statuary of this building makes it a veritable museum of the Champenoise School of the 16th century. The church has 10 canopies, 3 of which are large stained glass windows listed in the Inventory of Historic Monuments. These are the Triumphs of Petrarch, the Martyrdom of Saint Christine of Bolsène and the Sybilles. They are all 3 from the 16th century. Large invoice organs have been installed by organ builder Mangin and date from 1755. Church closed to the public for works
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