Les maisons à pans de bois du XVI° siècle

Town of art and history ,  Renaissance at Troyes

Rue François Gentil.jpg©Daniel Le Nevé
  • Troyes has a larger concentration of half-timbered houses of the sixteenth century. The origins of the use of wood in the construction of Habitat Champagne back to the Bronze Age (1800-1000 BC. AD). At Troyes, the oldest half-timbered houses dating from the late fifteenth century and the other sixteenth century. In the Middle Ages, houses were mostly built of wood. Troyes is a town surrounded by forests (Othe Forest, Chaource, Der, Orient). These forests abounded wood, including oak used for the construction of houses. However, the Great Fire of 24 May 1524 destroyed much of the high areas of the city ("body" of the cap), built mainly of wood. Reconstruction gives the city the appearance it has today.
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