Museum at Saint-Dizier

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champagne 52 saint dizier patrimoine cinequai de nuit ot st dizier.
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  • MIKO Museum

    Integrated in the multiplex "Ciné Quai" in the legendary tower of the 30s, a showroom evokes the history of ice cream, originating in the city.

    Since 1921, Luis and Mercedes Ortiz, settle in Saint-Dizier their trade of ice creams and chestnuts. Ortiz ice carts take part in all the festivities in the region. At the Liberation, ice cream feast GI's confined to Trois-Fontaines-l'Abbaye.

    The 1950s saw the triumph of the iced stick at the cinema "Miko, chocolate intermission" and on the beaches.
    Today, Miko products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art Cogesal-Miko plant that has the largest refrigerated warehouse in Europe.

    Movie lovers can walk the corridors of Ciné-Quai and admire the windows in which are enclosed various objects: boxes, sticks, by-products ... this is accessible to people with movie tickets.
  • All year
    * Cet espace n'est accessible qu'aux personnes munies de places de cinéma.