Park and garden at La Porte du Der

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jardin linet.
  • The history of the city of Montier in Der is bound to that of the monastery and the abbey church. In 673, the monk Benedictine Berchaire bases the monastery of Montier in Der . The monks reclaim and cultivate swamps. In 998 is dedicated to St
    Pierre and St Paul, the abbey church which abbot Adson had made build. During the Hundred Years' War, the monastery is destroyed and the restoration is undertaken in 1500 by abbot François of Dinteville. In the French Revolution, in 1790, the
    monks leave Montier in Der. In 1811, Napoleon Ier creates the stud farm. The city is destroyed in June 15th, 1940 by a German bombardment. The abbey church is hard touched. The city is reconstructed from 1949. In 1871, the influence of the
    Stud farm extends in all the region Champagne-Ardenne.
    The Halle, au blé was completely restored by the architect Jean-André Martin, from November, 1999 till December, 2003. She(it) welcomes since January, 2004, the city hall, the intermunicipal music school, the intermunicipal Library and an
    The street furniture of signalling system is most of the time in cast iron benefiting from the local know-how of the foundry GHM situated to Sommevoire and specialized in this type of products.
    The public garden of the garden Linet was the object of a restoration by the implementation of a fountain of style installed without pond, for the safety of the children. The war memorial of the war of 1870 in the "garden Linet" shows political passions
    of time. 2 strong figures are also exposed: a statue of Joan of Arc and a statue of the Republic.
    " The school palace " inaugurated in become 1869 " the primary school of Courterie ", is a place dedicated to the education even today. His style Louis XIII is similar to that of the Stud farm. This school was completely renovated in 2014.
    Montier-en-Der possesses a strong attractiveness thanks to the general very well-kept and flowery appearance of the village (ranking 3 flowers).
    The island of greenery established in the city center by the square of the abbey church, the main courtyard of the stud farm, the garden Linet and the private domain Japiot, offers a colored and green space wherever trees more centenarians involve
    the most varied essences.

    The Lac du Der, situated a few kilometers away from Montier-en-Der, offers an incomparable choice of nautical activities (swimming, water-skiing, veil(sail), jet-ski) and of activities nature.
    Regarding cultural activities, they are every public and numerous all year round: literature, shows, temporary exhibitions, concerts.
    Inescapable appointments punctuate the dervoise life (horse races, the International Festival of the animal photo and the nature) but also equestrian and varied demonstrations.
  • From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
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