Musée de l'Ancienne Malterie de Champagne

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  • Situated in Rue de la Gare, the "Malterie de Champagne" malt factory was founded in 1883 by the Bonnette brothers.
    Its main activity consisted of transforming barley into malt (the raw material used for making beer and whiskey) using a soaking process permitting artificial germination.
    During the Second World War, the malt factory was sorely tested. Apart from the fact that for four years barley was subject to rigorous German quotas meaning that it lost over 50% of its business, it was hit by two aerial bombardments (01 and 30 May 1944). Part of the buildings and machinery, all the roofs, doors, windows and partition walls had to be repaired. In 1995 the commune decided to immortalise memories of Chapelle in the malt factory's former grain warehouses.

    Thus since 2000 it has been home to the "Ancienne Malterie de Champagne" museum which presents a heritage (postcards, cups, diplomas, models, pictures, vehicles) illustrating the 20th century via donations from Chapelle families, companies or friends of the town. Thus an example of pre-war accommodation and an old classroom have been rebuilt. It also contains tools used in artisan trades, industry (in particular the textile industry) and agriculture, a rail tractor and a 1935 fire engine, etc. It should finally be pointed out that since the month of January 2003, this museum has accommodated a superb and extremely rare electrified model representing the former SNCF "Eiffel" style engine sheds destroyed in May 1944.
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    Dans le cadre de cet ancien site industriel, on découvre : - un patrimoine qui illustre le XXe siècle : un logement d’avant-guerre, une salle de classe des années 1950, un bureau de poste, des maquettes, un locotracteur, un camion de pompiers, des outils agricoles... - des expositions ponctuelles d’artistes contemporains. Renseignements et réservation au 03 25 70 04 83 pour les groupes supérieurs à 6 personnes en dehors des heures d’ouvertures.
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