Notre-Dame Cathedral

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  • A World Heritage site, the 13th century Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims is one of Europe's most important Gothic structures.

    Notre-Dame de Reims is one of Europe's most important Gothic structures. A World Heritage site, the 13th century cathedral has characteristics all its own, in particular its lighting, statuary and unity of style.
    Notre-Dame boasts an exceptionally rich statuary. The cathedral is adorned with 2,303 statues, including the famous Smiling Angel, whose jovial expression reflects the Champagne School of the 13th century. Located in the heart of the city, the cathedral's towers rise above the rooftops of Reims to a height of 81 m. The nave, whose triple-level design is characteristic of the period in which it was built, has a vaulted ceiling some 38 m high. The cathedral is almost 150 m long. The cathedral is also remarkable for its luminosity, making it a model of the genre in Gothic Europe. A profusion of rosewindows, as well as the delicacy of the windows make this colossal structure remarkably balanced and light. The baptism of Clovis, around the year 498, gave birth to the Kingdom of the Franks. This exceptional event explains the choice of Reims as the coronation city. 13th, 20th (Chagall, 1974) and 21th century (Knoebel, 2011 and 2015) stained-glass windows.

    Open everyday from 7.30am to 7.30pm (except during services).

    Guided tour of the towers: every week-end from 28 March until 5 May and from 9 September to 31 October. Tuesday through Sunday from 6 May to 8 September. Information at Palace of Tau.

    Outdoor lighting of the cathedral at nightfall.
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    Magnifique cathédrale pleine de surprises anciennes ou contemporaines, et visite commentée très intéressante.


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  • Magnifique!

    S'il y a quelque chose à ne pas louper c'est bien la cathédrale!! C'était magnifique! Et il faut absolument visiter les tours, c'est vraiment impressionnant!! Les 250 marchés valent le coup d'être montées! Un grand merci aux guides du Palais de Tau qui étaient vraiment sympathiques!


  • A ne pas manquer

    Notre belle dame est tout à son honneur


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    À voir!


  • Cathedrale



  • Tres belle cathedrale

    Magnifique Cathedrale vitraux superbe.


  • Notre dame

    Super avec les audio guides on a vraiment beaucoup d' informations


  • Kathedraal van Reims

    Een van de mooiste kathedralen. Bijna alle koningen van Frankrijk zijn er gekroond. De gravure van de doolhof bestaat niet meer, maar blijft heel mooi om te zien! Une des plus belles cathédrales. Presque tous les rois de France étaient couronnés. La sculpture du labyrinthe n'existe plus, mais toujours agréable de voir!