Quai des Comtes de Champagne

Historic site and monument ,  Town of art and history at Troyes

Coeur nuit.jpg©D. Le Nevé
  • Requalification of Seine helped to restore a place of life, walks and meetings, to erase the border caused by the continuity of avenues Chomedey de Maisonneuve and Georges-Vanier, and reduce road traffic transiting from both sides of the Champagne cork without stopping. This reclassification has given a legitimate place of water in our city historical value and marked the presence of the hyper-center reconnecting the head and body of the Champagne cork. Troyes has heart! (Installation summer 2013) Troyes had hitherto a "body" and a "head", those of Champagne cork nickname given to the historical center because of its characteristic shape. The city is now equipped with a heart. Work of a local artist (Michele Caillaud-Houël), the sculpture stands in the middle of the docks renovated the old canal. This waterway forms the dividing line between the "head" and "body" of Bouchon. This openwork heart, throbbing light at night, is indeed the heart of the city, literally and figuratively.
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    • In the town centre
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