at Montier-en-Der

  • The trail begins in Montier-en-Der, with its abbey church. Along its 60-km length, it will reveal the charm of the villages’ architecture, and in particular their churches, alternating between half-timbered buildings and stone sanctuaries lit by remarkable windows made by the master glassmakers of Troyes.

    Most of the stained glass dates back to the 16th century, except the windows in Montier-en-Der, and their iconography and technique are the work of the Troyes workshops.
    In fact the churches used to depend on the diocese of Troyes.

    This churches in Haute-Marne :
    - Ceffonds,
    - Doulevant-le-Château,
    - Droyes,
    - Montier-en-Der,
    - Joinville,
    - Longeville-sur-la-Laine
    - Louze,
    - Nully,
    - Puellemontier,
    - Robert-Magny,
    - Sommevoire,
    - Trémilly.
  • From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
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