at Saint-Dizier

champagne 52 saint dizier patrimoine eglise balcon guimard ot st dizier.
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  • Saint-Dizier is bordered by the ancient historical provinces of Champagne and Lorraine. Major archaeological sites reflect its rich and complex history, with the 19TH century leaving its hugely influential metallurgy imprint in the form of a showcase of foundry art. More than a hundred examples are on show in the town’s streets and parks, ranging from the Art Nouveau style by Hector Guimard to contemporary Haute-Marne foundry castings.

    Saint-Dizier is also the birthplace of Miko ice creams, founded in 1921 by Luis Ortiz. The original Miko factory site in the town centre with it’s amazing 1930’s tower structure has been transformed into a multiplex cinema named the Ciné Quai.

    A region packed with amazing moments…

    Der Lake, one of the largest in Europe, an inland sea just a few minutes away from Saint-Dizier, is the starting point for cycling trails and tourist routes that are accessible throughout the year.

    Saint-Dizier is set at the very heart of history and heritage in a protected countryside and hosts festivals in every season of the year, film previews in the multiplex cinema, and a huge variety of shows and events every week!

    The Bragards!
    Saint-Dizier’s population are known as the Bragards. This curious nickname is supposedly from the king of France, Francis I, who
    exclaimed ‘Ah, les braves gars!’ (Ah, les Bragards!), meaning ‘Those courageous lads’ on learning of the town’s resistance during the 1544 siege. The word ‘bragard’ was also in current usage at the time and originated from the Gallic word for trousers ‘braies’,
    meaning bawling and brave.