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  • Located near the commercial area of ​​Chêne Saint-Amand, the archaeological site of Crassées consists of a necropolis and a Gallo-Roman villa. The site was accidentally discovered in 1856 by two ironmasters. In fact, the two men spotted a small room paved with bricks and also collected coins, objects made of bone and fragments of several rocks. The first excavations were undertaken in 1902, by Dr. Chaussinaud, director of the asylum of the insane Saint-Dizier and enthusiast of Gallo-Roman archeology. It is during these excavations of exploration that the presence of the villa is detected.

    For fear of seeing these remains destroyed, as part of the construction of the canal to Lake Der, Louis Lepage, archaeologist very prolific in Haute-Marne from the 60s to 90, spent six years searching the site, since 1964 Applying the new scientific methods of archeology, he searches each room, layer by layer, draws an architectural plan of all the preserved masonries (walls, floors), and submits each year to the Ministry of Culture a detailed report in which all discovered objects are drawn. After six campaigns, he manages to determine that the site was occupied from the 1st to the 4th century AD.

    With the discovery, in 2002, of the Treasures of the Frankish chiefs, the remains of the Crassées took a different meaning: why do these chiefs live here, so close to the old Gallo-Roman villa? Is there not a link between them? Excavating the Crassées site then becomes a priority for the City of Saint-Dizier, which has set up, with INRAP, planned excavations, under the control of the Ministry of Culture. Since then, each summer, accompanied by teams of volunteers and students, they tirelessly search this site to try to understand its historical relationship with the Tuileries site.

    The funeral occupation of the Crassées is particularly long (until the 11th century). Since 2012, nearly 900 burials (adults and children) and more than 430 graves have been unearthed. The foundations of a small church and the remains of a craft sector have also been uncovered. In 2015, the tomb of an aristocrat, contemporary of the Frankish leaders, is discovered. Its installation away from the Frankish chiefs arouses archaeologists. However, its location in the grip of the church could be a beginning of track ...
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