at Wassy

tourisme 52 wassy grange temple.
tourisme 52 wassy mairie 12.
tourisme 52 wassy eglise monument aux mort.
tourisme 52 wassy theatre.
  • • The Romanesque Church: dates from the middle of the XIIth century but the construction started in the Xth century.

    • The Protestant Church: built on the site of the Barn of the Protestant Massacre (1562), it now houses a museum where an exhibition and a slide show with sound about the Wars of Religion and the presence of the Protestant community in Wassy are displayed.

    • The old town: the Place Marie-Stuart (Mary Stuart Square) was built on the site of the former stronghold with architecture typical of the 19th century; the Tour du Dôme (Dome Tower), the gates and the ramparts; the cast iron art work in the park.

    • The Town Hall: the astronomical clock, paintings (Pernot, M. Calvès, Humblot), the socio-cultural centre and the hospital chapel: the vault and the paintings of Joseph Constant Menissier.
  • From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
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