at Nogent

haute marne manifestation nogent journees patrimoine 2019.
haute marne manifestation nogent journees patrimoine 2019 1.
  • Around 17,000 monuments in France are opening their doors and offering more than 25,000 events for this edition of the European Heritage Days.

    On this occasion, the Nogent Cutlery Museum invites you to discover its permanent exhibition as well as its 2 temporary exhibitions.

    Exhibition on Nicolas Pierre Pelletier or steel lace.
    Nicolas Pierre Pelletier (1828-1921) is no doubt an artisan emeritus who is undoubtedly a craftsman doubled by an artist, as Dr Bonnet notes: "With Pelletier, [...] each pair of scissors is an image of life, the steel comes alive as the modeled. An exhibition-folder is for the first time dedicated to the Museum of Cutlery Nogent.

    Exhibition on professional excellence
    Set up in 1924, the Meilleur Ouvrier de France contest (MOF) aims to rehabilitate manual work by rewarding know-how, creativity, excellence, respect for tradition and the use of modern techniques through the realization a masterpiece in more than 50 trades structured around 12 categories. Since its creation, the Nogentais cutler basin accounts for a large number of MOF in cutlery (31) and surgical instruments (17). In addition to the presentation of award-winning pieces, the exhibition traces the history and specificities of this competition, whose reputation has extended well beyond the borders of France.