It’s the sort of castle children dream about

Solid and imposing, Sedan castle dominates the town with its impressive stature. It took one and a half centuries, starting in 1424 and with successive additions, to build this monument, the largest feudal fortress in Europe.

Let us be the judge: its 35,000 m2 enclosure could accommodate up to 4,000 men, well protected behind the impressive walls, the “thinnest” of which is 7 metres wide, and the thickest nearly 27 metres! The castle belonged to the princes of Sedan and became French in 1642 when the principality of Sedan was incorporated with the kingdom of France.
Go inside and step back in time! You never know... there might be a knight in arms round the corner challenging you to single combat or the lord of the castle may invite you to a feast at his table!

From one castle to the next...

Over the border, like an echo to Sedan, stand other fortresses which firmly root the Ardenne to its glorious past: Bouillon, of course, immortalised by Godefroy, as well as Mons, Ecaussinnes, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Esch-sur-Sûre, Clervaux and Vanden… Beads in a huge rosary woven by history.

What is there to see and to do?

Two tour circuits throughout the year explain the military architecture of the era and share the private lives of the princes who reigned over Sedan. Quite a few events liven up the tour depending on the time of year:

  • Jousting tournament
  • Falconry display
  • Firework display

The fortress can also be visited by torchlight on Friday and Saturday evenings in July and August. And on Heritage Days, the castle tour is free of charge..


Office de Tourisme du Pays Sedanais
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