The city with the largest fortress in Europe

Below the castle of Sedan, as majestic as it is gigantic with its 35,000 m2 area and its seven levels that make it the largest fortress in Europe, it is especially the height of the walls – 40 feet - that impresses the visitors.

The construction of four polygonal bastions, in the mid-sixteenth century by the powerful princes of La Marck, made a formidable fortress of Sedan. Constantly expanded and strengthened, this castle, which has always been the scene of major historical events, is an exceptional testimony to the evolution of military architecture, to address the improvement of bench techniques and artillery, between the fifteenth century and the Second Empire.

The castle is also home to many temporary exhibitions, general or themed, accessible to all audiences: knights tournament, medieval festival, torchlight tours and more.

Open daily, all year round (besides a few Mondays in the off-season).

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