Historic capital of Champagne, Troyes is also famous for its knitting industry

What is happening in Troyes? Everything is ringing!

Proclaimed once a popular saying, as churches, monasteries, abbeys etc. dotted the city. Even today, Troyes remains «the city of 10 churches», as local schools of sculpture and stained glass have transformed into a symphony of stone and glass. They are essentially the translation of the extraordinary prosperity of the city in the sixteenth century. Apart from visiting the Cathedral, one cannot miss the churches/museums that are Sainte-Madeleine, Saint-Nicolas and Saint Pantaleon, the basilica Saint-Urbain, known as one of the architectural wonders of Champagne, or, more contemporary as it was built between 1931 and 1934, the Notre-Dame-des-Trévois church.

Open visits, guided tours (for individuals in summer and all year round for groups) or audio-tours.

What to see in Troyes


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