at Rouvres-sur-Aube

  • Sandrine MULAS is an artist to part in whole, she is
    at the same time an artist photographer but also
    narrator, " People of Country " guide of country,
    specialized in the tales of the old country, the
    faiths, the mysteries, the witchcraft and the

    She wishes to pass on her passion of the tales and
    the witchcraft by organizing told strolls.

    During 2:00 am in the dark night, she takes the
    public through the streets of the villages of
    Rouvres-sur-Aube or Esnoms-au-val, and tells the
    stories of the country, explains the traditional built.
    Indeed, houses are intimate, sacred spaces, refuges,
    places of rest which restore strength and protect
    from the outside world. At the end of the stroll, a
    tasting of potion of love is offered.
  • From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
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