Troyes has been the French hosiery capital since the 18th century and through centuries of technological developments, has become the largest centre for factory and trade outlets in Europe.

Troyes, capital of hosiery

In the 13th century, because of their privileged position and the protection given to merchants by the counts of Champagne, the celebrated Champagne Fairs achieved a success which resounded across medieval Europe, thereby enabling a large number of industries to develop such as the textile, tanning and dyeing industries.

Through this heritage, Troyes would go on to become the hosiery capital, since it was in the Tricassae city that Jean de Mauroy, controller of aides and tallage, would create in 1745 the fi rst knitted stocking factory. Flagship of the local economy, the textile industry enabled phenomenal industrial growth throughout the department which saw the rise of luxury brands like Lacoste, Petit Bateau and Absorba.

Troyes, a byword for shopping

With the globalisation and signifi cant technological advances experienced by the sector, the textile industry in Troyes had to adapt by developing certain specialisms like fi nishing and knitting, but it also took advantage of its hosiery heritage to develop the concept of factory and trade outlets. Created in Troyes in the 60s, they were initially reserved for the factory personnel, then their family circle and were fi nally opened up to everyone in the 70s.

Today, Troyes and its suburbs are home to 3 large designer outlets (Mc Arthur Glen, Marques city and Marques Avenue), bringing together over a hundred shops (ready-to-wear, leather goods, tableware, sports, etc.). Every year, no fewer than 3 million visitors come to hunt bargains and take advantage of the amazing discounts between 30% and 70%.


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