Historic site and monument at Auberive

  • A Cistercian abbey and 24th daughter house of Clairvaux, it was founded in 1135 by St. Bernard.

    Reconstructed by monks in the 18th century, it was sold as a national asset at the French Revolution, becoming a cotton spinner
    business and holiday residence. In the 19th century it became a prison for women and the famous anarchist Louise Michel was held here. It then became a farm camp for underage delinquent boys.

    It is now a cultural centre with a thriving music programme.
  • From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
  • From June 3, 2018 until September 30, 2018
    * Juin à Septembre : Visite historique audioguidée et Centre d’art mardi : 14h à 18h30 mercredi au dimanche : 10h à 12h30 et de 14h à 18h30 Mai et Octobre : Visite historique audioguidée dimanche : 14h à 17h30 Autres périodes : Visite historique audioguidée lundi au vendredi : 9h à 12h30 et de 14h à 17h30 (n’hésitez pas à nous contacter avant de venir sur le site)
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