Historic site and monument at Langres

  • In this visitors’ booklet, you will find English translations of the panels located in the different rooms of the museum. These texts will provide you with the necessary information for making the most of your visit. They carry room and panel numbers which match those in the rooms of the museum. You may also wish to complement and complete your visit by reading the wall texts, together with the multimedia documents (in French).
    The museum staff are available should you need any assistance or information.
    In the reception area, you will find books, documents, and objects connected with the philosopher Denis
    Diderot, the city of Langres, and the Enlightenment.cialis dosage options for cialis dosage by male body weight
  • Accessibility
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  • Activities
    • Temporary exhibitions
    • Special theme activity
    • Children's workshop
  • Services
    • Guided tours
  • From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018
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