Monument aux morts de Haybes

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Monument aux morts 1914-1918Droits libres
Monument aux morts de HaybesDroits libres
  • In the heart of the village, we can see a triumphal arch made of white stone of France with the list of victims of the village.
    In the center, there are characters, made in bronzed cast iron, situated on a fragment of the globe representing France.The scene represents the French people, under the guise of a teenager. In his left hand, he carries books representing the Law and the Science. In his right hand, he brandishes the torch of freedom. Protected by a lion, he walks under the wing of the victory that guides him on the right way.
    The  sculpture is put on a blue stone base, also known under the name of limestone of Givet. on this base, we can see three bronze plates. The first one represents the main street of the village in flames. The second one shows the Fatherland bowing a grave. The last plate shows a section of machine gunners, on the left bank of the river, looking towards Haybes.
    This sculpture is the work of L. Rauner.
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