at Chaumont

haute marne parapente.
  • This is the ultimate dream, taking to the skies and flying like a bird. It’s not only the view; it’s all about mastering the air, understanding
    the currents, the complexities of weather patterns. Paragliding is similar to hang gliding, the main difference is the hang glider has a
    delta wing and more rigid framework, but it still comes to that vital moment, that instant that sends you soaring into the blue.
    Hang gliding or paragliding, it doesn’t matter. The most important is participating in this exhilarating, amazingly peaceful sport…
    probably the simplest form of aviation in the world.

    - Soncourt-sur-Marne, altitude: 310m
    - Vouécourt, altitude: 325m
    - Charmoilles, altitude: 450m
    - Chauffourt, altitude: 400m.