at Villegusien-le-Lac

  • When water levels are high, the lake of "La Vingeanne" covers some 199 ha. The dyke, built in 1906, is the longest of all the four lakes. Bird enthusiasts enjoy watching the many local and migrating birds from the observation post or along the paths (with information boards). The recreation centre and the beach are also great for families.

    Reception of groups (children or adults) Wednesday or weekend from March to October. Canoes, kayaks, catamarans, paddle, windsurfing, archery,… for discovered or internships.

    Provision of VTT or canoe.

    Also, animations adult children//seniors:
    - collective sports: football, tennis shoe, volleyball ball,…
    - sports of racket: tennis, badminton,…
    - outdoor: VTT, archery, downhill skiing,…
    - fitness: PE soft, tonic, zumba,…
  • From March 18, 2019 until October 4, 2019
    * Informations et réservation par téléphone du lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 18h00.