Geocaching à Troyes

Discovery tour at Troyes

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  • Geocaching is a cross between a high-tech treasure hunt and traditional orienteering. Troyes in the Champagne region is your starting point. Using a walkers' GPS device, wend your way through the maze of medieval alleyways and hidden corners, finding clues and solving puzzles. You'll find the real 'prize' gives you more than you bargained for, with everyone able to appreciate the visual delights, sense of shared enjoyment, awakening of childhood memories and the feeling of a unique experience. See our region and its rural charms in a completely new light.

    This is a great way for both young and old to relax, as well as a chance for you to hone your powers of observation and sharpen your instincts. Remain alert to potentially helpful clues and venture out in your quest to discover the 'geocaches' (boxes containing objects to be replaced and a logbook) by deciphering positional codes and solving puzzles. Enter a comment, replace the object with another and put the box back. Let others know when you get home (log your visit).

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