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  • Marne Plaisance is a company of rentals of riverboats without license from Chamouilley, on the channel of the Marne à la Saône.

    4 boats without a license are at your disposal for cruises of one or several days, or rentals that include the pilot. These benefits are
    available throughout the year.
    Various packages including other services are offered.

    The boat is a Connoisseur 1135 consisting of two independent rooms with toilet in each room, kitchenette, shower, forced air heating,
    panoramic roof, bimini.

    Dishes: all the elements are present in the boat.
    Household appliances: refrigerator, stove 4 gas burners and oven, barbecue.
    Sleeps: Each bedroom has a sleeping area for two, as well as the kitchen area, which can be adjusted.

    Bedding: blankets and pillows (without pillowcase) are present at the boat. You must provide pillowcases, underclothes and what you
    think is necessary.

    A logbook explaining all the instructions for operation, safety and navigation is present at the boat, the customer undertakes to
    respect them.
  • From January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
  • From April 1, 2019 until November 3, 2019
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